Sunday, September 5, 2010

EDC '10

I finalized my ride on the thursday before the rave, luckily got in on a hotel with some friends, and had a fuckin blast! Some crazy shit, but that comes with the rave trip right? Right when we got there on friday, a girl we were with got her tickets snatched and stolen. Luckily we had enough money together to get her into one day, but she was picked up by a friend and went home. pretty unlucky. Made some cool new friends that I hope wel see again soon (FISHY!) and had alot of fuckin fun with the people we went with. It was probably like 25 people altogether. Afrojack and armin were my favorite performances. I got to catch mainstage both days from the field. Fun as fuck, couldn't have been much better! Also, got a firsthand view of the fencehoppers!


  1. Passing by...and checking ur new blog! is awesome ^_^

    Kisses =)

  2. That bass is ridiculous!
    Cool blog rave dude. Will be supporting.

    Clicked, followed.

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