Friday, September 10, 2010

Anyone else see this guy??

I saw em in person. He was fuckin wreckkeddd hahaha
everyone was fuckin with em bigtime too. fucked up but shit was funny haha

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I try to keep it entertaining. some good shit

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Travis Barker and DJ AM

part 1

If u like it check it out on youtube. I dont wanna post all 6 parts seems kinda repetitive. But good shit they def tore it the fuck up! RIP DJ AM You did some badass shit with your life. Congratz

Nocturnal '10
Sounds pretty cool. its expensive as fuck for the djs playing though. Only people really interesting me are steve angelo and ATB. Other than that theres some cool people but the kinda small size and lack of super headline djs doesnt really seem worth it to me. Plus all the scene raver kids are kinda killin shit. Dont get me wrong theres some new ravers that know whats up. But i hate the fuckers comin in stealin shit n knockin fences over n shit. Not cool.. Raves were the shit 2 years ago, n even then it was startin to get bad.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best techno song out there

get passed the slow dummy part in the beginning. The sound is so sick. I had the chance to see this performed live at EDC!! :D

Somethin for the ravers

Most popular lightshow, def one of the best.